Africa Oil & Gas: Chad Lays Foundation Stone on Refinery and Gas Plant

ChadChad officially began work on two energy projects aimed at transforming its economy.The first is a refinery and the second a gas treatment plant. The foundation stone laying ceremony was held on October 28, with President IdrissDéby laying the foundation stone for the twin plants.

The two projects, the Sedigui oil refinery and the Rig-Rig gas treatment plant, both of which are to be built in the north western Kanem region, will help Chad become partly self-sufficient in petrol and gas, a goal of the government for decades.

In his speech, Déby said the Sedigui project had been planned since 1973, but the country’s political situation has always been too unstable for it to go ahead.

The construction cost for Sedigui is expected to be $120 million and Rig-Rig $58 million. Chad will own 40% of Sedigui and 30% of Rig-Rig, with the remainder split between Nigeria’s NNPC and China’s CNPC.

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