Mozambique Mining: Production starts at GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine

Ancuabe Grahite
GK Ancuabe Graphite facilities in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine, a subsidiary of German company AMG Graphit Kropfmuehl GmbH, invested 12 million euros in the recovery and expansion of the Ancuabe graphite mine and processing plant, which began operating on Wednesday in the presence of the President of Mozambique.

The unit associated with the mine is capable of processing 9,000 tonnes of graphite per year, with the resulting product destined for the German market, according to the company’s Deputy Director General Geert Klok.

The mine is located in the district of Ancuabe, in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province, known for containing large and high quality graphite deposits, and GK Ancuabe Graphite Mine is the first mining company to extract and process graphite in Mozambique.

Present at the ceremony, Germany’s ambassador to Mozambique, Detlev Wolter, promised to continue to raise more investments for Mozambique.

AMG Graphit Kropfmuehl GmbH acquired the rights to explore the Ancuabe mine following an international public tender launched in 2012.

The assets of AMG Graphit Kropfmuehl GmbH in Mozambique include the mining concession to which the graphite processing plant in Ancuabe is attached and a prospecting license in Nipacué, where there is a graphite deposit with reserves estimated at 900,000 tonnes. (source: macauhub)

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  1. Congratelations for this made and I hope the company gets much profits with much work and give opportinities to young mozambican people.

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