Africa Mining: Angola spends US$114 million on solar power equipment

The Angolan company Aenergia, established in 2012 and a partner of the American General Electric group, has been contracted by the Angolan government to supply solar power equipment for use in remote areas of the country, per the terms of a presidential authorisation. Advertisements

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Mozambique Renewable Energy: Major solar power ahead by next year

The company Scatec Solar and the Norwegian Development Fund (Norfund) signed yesterday, November 31, in Maputo a contract guaranteeing the sale of solar power to the state-held Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM) for a 25-year period, the company announced in a statement.

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Africa Renewables: Malawi’s solar power revolution starts by bringing schoolchildren out of the dark

Young Kennedy is astonished. His face lights up in the single room in the straw-thatched house. So does the book he is reading with his friend, Nellie. The two excited nine-year-olds from the village of Gumbi in western Malawi have just done what about 600 million others in sub-Saharan Africa have never been able to do – switch on an electric light in their homes to read a book in the dark.

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