Global Mining: World Coal Association calls on World Bank to recognise the critical role of coal in meeting global energy needs

LONDON – The World Coal Association (WCA) has today called on the World Bank to recognise the vital role of coal in bringing affordable, reliable electricity to hundreds of millions of people in developing and emerging economies. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), global electricity from coal is expected to grow by around 33% to 2040. Demand for coal in Southeast Asia alone is expected to increase 4.8% a year through to 2035. Advertisements

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Mozambique Oil & Gas: Cabinet offers more gas and oil blocks week after elections

Mozambique on Thursday opened up 15 new offshore and onshore areas for gas and oil exploration and production in its north, centre and south, a week after national elections which are expected to return the ruling Frelimo party to power.

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You Should Know This: London goes into the offensive in oil

The backing London has given the Somalian government is not without mercantile ulterior motives. Among other things, it will allow British consultants and oil companies to be well placed when the country’s security situation improves so that mineral resources can be extracted.

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