Mozambique Energy: Maputo Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant operational by August, 2018

The Maputo Combined Cycle Thermoelectric Plant is expected to start operating in full in August 2018, after the first fuel is burned in January of that year, the director of Production Services of Mozambique’s state electricity company, EdM. Advertisements

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Mozambique Energy Industry: Japaneses to oversee thermal power plant construction

A Japanese consortium will oversee the construction of a natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plant to strengthen the supply of electricity to the city of Maputo, capital of Mozambique, from 2018 onwards, Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias reported. The consortium consists of Tokyo Electric Power Services Co. (TEPSCO) and Oriental Consultants Japan Co. (Oriconsul), and the advisory and supervisory contract signed with Mozambican state power company EdM marks the beginning of the project.

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