Mozambique Energy Industry: France loans Mozambique US$52 million to build power plant

France has provided Mozambican state power company Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM) with a loan of US$52 million for construction of a gas-fired power plant, in Ressano Garcia, Maputo province, under the terms of an agreement signed Friday in Maputo.

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It Does Need Some Experts Reflection: What is the Plan beyong Russia’s Expansion into Asian Gas Markets

Russia’s Expansion into Asian Gas MarketsRussia recently signed a major $400-billion gas deal with China, and now Japan appears to want in on the action as well. Bloomberg reported that a group of 33 lawmakers in Japan is pushing the government to build a $5.9-billion pipeline to the island nation from Russia.

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Mozambique Mining Industry: Top 10 Worst Coal Mine Disasters

An explosion last Tuesday at a coal mine in the Western Turkish town of Soma has killed at least 274 people, making it the worst mining incident in the country’s history. Inspired by the incident, we here list some top worst coal mine disasters which we do not want them to happen in Mozambique. May the message reach the mining executives operating in this country, particularly Tete, the coal mining core in Mozambique.

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