Renewables: Govt signs solar power agreement with France’s Neoen

Renewables:  Govt signs solar power agreement with France’s Neoen

The Mozambican government has signed an agreement with French company Neoen to build a solar power plant north of the country capable of serving 150,000 people, it was announced during an official ceremony. The investment is around 50 million euros and will be installed in Metoro, Cabo Delgado Province, and work is expected to start in the second half of 2019, said Max Tonela, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy. “The Mozambican government considers this…

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Global Oil & Gas: France to alter regulations to boost use of LNG as fuel

France could soon make a regulatory change that will allow liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling at ports as it looks to secure its presence in the market as French prime minister Edouard Philippe spoke during a maritime conference in the port of Le Havre: “the country has to grasp the energy transition and equip the French ports with LNG infrastructure”.

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Africa Intelligence News: The energy side of President Nyusi’s trip to Paris

During his official visit to Paris between July 19-21, Mozambique president Filipe Nyusiheld private talks with executives from Total and Alstom. Since 2012 Total has owned a 40% stake in blocks 3 and 6 operated by Malaysia’s Petronas in the Rovuma basin but up to now no finds have been made on the concessions.

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OILPRICE: Is France’s Love Affair with Nuclear Over?

French President Francois Hollande has promised to limit the growth of the country’s nuclear power, many older reactors have been targeted for decommissioning, and Greenpeace and other environmental groups have been relentless in their anti-nuclear campaigning. But until now, it seemed unlikely that France would ever truly rethink its love affair with nuclear power.

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Global Energy Industry: South Africa, France to sign Nuclear Deal

South Africa will sign a nuclear cooperation agreement with France to develop nuclear energy, although no further details were released. This deal follows a similar agreement made with Russia which sparked outrage as it suggested that a Russian firm had already been chosen to develop eight nuclear reactors totaling around $50 million. Allegations surfaced as a result, accusing the government of trying to avoid the procurement process.(Source: Africa Petroleum)

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OILPRICE: Niger Is key to West Africa’s future security

Niger is consistently ranked on the UN Human Development Index as one of the poorest countries in the world. Spiraling population growth along with frequent droughts has made it nearly impossible to reduce the poverty rate. Subsistence farmers usually move to the cities for work during the country’s long dry season.

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