Mozambique Mining: At least 10 die during clandestine mining in Cabo Delgado

Ten miners were buried underground as a result of the landslide in a ruby ​​mine, early Monday morning (25), in the Montepuez district of Cabo Delgado province.

The tragedy occurred at the Namanhumbir site in a ruby ​​mining area under British mining company Montepuez Ruby Mining (MRN).

Two other victims were rescued alive and under medical care.

@Verdade, a local newspaper, found that on Sunday (24) there was a lot of rain, which made the land unstable. This was confirmed by Obete Matine, General Inspector at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy.

It is presumed that the victims came from somewhere in Namanhumbir and in the provinces of Manica and Nampula.

Reports of deaths and injuries are frequent in Namanhumbir as a result of the collapse of land during artisanal mining.

In addition to Mozambicans, the area has been coveted by foreign citizens practicing garimpo.

In 2017, for example, 536 Mozambicans and 95 Tanzanian, Somali, Guinean, Gambian, Senegalese, Malawian, Zimbabwean, Nigerian, Kenyan, Burundian, Belgian and Congolese nationalities were escorted from that mine by the PRM (Police of the Republic of Mozambique) , in Cabo Delgado.

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