Mozambique Oil & Gas: Anadarko seeks industrial relations consulting services

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is looking for consulting services to guarantee readiness of Area 1 natural gas exploration project in Mozambique.

“To guarantee the project readiness we need consulting services to help us improving the active management of industrial relations at the site” where the natural gas liquefaction factory is going to run (in the Afungi Peninsula, Cabo Delgado Province) – the company explained in the announcement published on Monday in Notícias newspaper.

The project will involve the extraction, liquefaction and transportation of gas through wells and pipelines, so it can be exported to different countries in special cargo ships.

Anadarko is looking for business partners that can assure strategic planning, the development of work management systems and sound relationships with investors and donors.

The consortium is concluding the last gas supply agreement to announce the final investment decision. At the same time, all the infrastructures are being built in the Afungi Peninsula to speed up the process and start exporting within four to five years.

  • You may read the full Anadarko Moçambique Area 1 (AMA1) Call for expression of interest HERE

Source: Lusa

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