Mozambique Oil & Gas: Anadarko to acquire armored vehicles to shield itself against “Al Shabaab” in Palma

@Verdade In the face of increasingly close armed attacks on its facilities and the apparent incompetence of the State Defense and Security Forces to put and end to the insurgents that terrorized the north province of Cabo Delgado since October 2017, Anadarko is shielding itself against the called mozambicans “Al Shabaab” insurgents .

According to Anadarko, “In order to ensure the readiness of operations, there is an immediate need to supply at least six B6 specification vehicles and associated mechanical and fleet management services on the Afungi Peninsula.”

Officially the North American multinational that leads the Consortium that will exploit the existing natural gas in Rovuma Basin Area 1 only declares that the operations in Palma proceed with enhanced security. “We will continue to maintain appropriate security measures, coordinated with relevant authorities and entities, to ensure the safety and well-being of our personnel.”

Meanwhile, @Verdade has determined that the B6 rating is the penultimate level of armor for light vehicles with the ability to withstand attacks of M16 or Kalashnikov AK47 rifles and even withstand the detonation of up to two hand grenades.

The newspaper also uncovered that the urgency in the acquisition of these vehicles, the submission of proposals ends already next day 5, is due to the increase of insecurity in the region next to its enterprises.

On 20 July at least two citizens were killed, apparently by the “Al Shabaab”, in a village situated less than 10 kilometers from the places where Anadarko is building the citadel for its officials.

The inability of the Defense and Security Forces to stop these acts of terrorism is still evident with the declaration of a compulsory curfew in the municipality of Mocímboa da Praia, since last day 26. Note that it was in this region where the insurgency gained visibility on October 5, 2017.Source: @Verdade

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