Africa Energy: World Bank to Fund Zambia Electrification

The government of Zambia will see funds from the World Bank in the amount of $26.5 million to enhance electricity access across rural areas. The project has been funded by a financial credit and will be implemented by the Rural Electrification Authority and ZESCO (the state-owned power company in Zambia).

The five-year project, which was approved in 2017, is aimed at providing electricity to around 22,000 low-income households and 1,000 SMEs in rural areas.

According to Matthew Nkhuwa, Zambia’s Energy Minister, the funds will be utilized to bolster the Rural Electrification program in various provinces. He further said that the Electricity Service Access Project will benefit communities, households, public facilities, businesses and farmers residing in rural areas.

Nkhuwa further noted that the beneficiaries would be connected to electricity through the main grid, at a subsidized rate of K250. Even, people located in more disperse zones will be benefited from independent solar system, or from separate mini-grids, as reported by Lusaka Times.

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