Mozambique Oil & Gas: First attack reported near Anadarko camp in Palma

The village of Maganja was attacked at 22h00 last night. It is just 7 km from the Anadarko camp developing the gas liquification plants, and is the closest attack so far. Two people were killed, including a well known local trader. Four houses, several kiosks and a minibus were burned.

There is a military base 4 km away at Quitupo, but soldiers did not arrive in Maganja until this morning. Soldiers at the Anadarko camp did not respond because they are only supposed to guard the camp.

Maganja and Quitupo are part of Anadarko’s broader area, and are where the resettlement villages are being built for people living on the Afungi peninsula and being displaced by the gas liquification plants. (Carta de Mocambique 21 Jan)

At least 200 residents of Palma demonstrated on 13 January demanding the suspension to work connected with the gas project until the authorities show they can stop the attacks. That evening and the following morning soldiers shot in the air to force people to stay at home. (Carta de Mocambique 14 Jan) The protest followed an attack the day before when a mini-bus carrying people to Palma was attached and 15 people killed. The district administrator met with protestors on 16 January, but did not satisfy then and several hours later they blocked the road with trees to stop Anadarko vehicles.

Criminal investigation police (Servico Nacional de Investigacao Criminal, SERNIC) in 4 districts of Cabo Delgado are accused of picking up people on the street, accusing them of being insurgents, then releasing them in exchange for a bribe. Some of those charged in the mass trial now under way were picked up this way but could not pay. (Carta de Mocambique 17 Jan)

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