Mozambique Mining: Govt to revoke unused mining prospecting licenses in Cabo Delgado

The provincial government of Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, wants the licenses issued for mining prospecting and research that are not being used to be revoked, the provincial governor said, quoted by daily newspaper Noticias.

Given that only 11 mining licenses of the 182 issued are in operation, Júlio Parruque instructed the Provincial Directorate of Mineral Resources and Energy to work with the respective Ministry to revoke them.

“We cannot allow occupation only on a cartographic level. If someone has applied for the prospecting license, then let them do the work,” Parruque said.

The Mining Law stipulates that prospecting and research licenses are granted to legal entities incorporated and registered in Mozambique that demonstrate the technical and financial capacity to do so.

The licenses are valid for two years for the exploration of mineral resources, renewable once for an equal period and for the exploration of other mineral resources, including mineral water, are renewable once for three years.

The province of Cabo Delgado has issued 54 mining certificates, of which only 20 are in use and of the 23 mining concession areas, only seven are in operation. (Source: macauhub)

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