Mozambique Oil & Gas: British Govt aims leading role in Moz gas business

The British government hopes to be a major player in the natural gas business in Mozambique and has invested more than US$70 million in training, employment, management and inclusion in the industry.

“We want to be the largest investor in the G7 (the world’s seven largest economies) in Africa by 2022. Many British companies are interested in investing in Mozambique, as we are proving by organising an investment summit between the two countries for 2019,” the UK High Commissioner in Maputo Nnenne Iwuji-eme said.

Mozambique is seen as one of the “top priorities” for British companies, she added.

The United Kingdom recognises, however, that the transformation of the country will not focus purely on investment and gas projects diversifying sources and making progress more inclusive and sustainable.

Nnenne Iwuji-eme says that the Mozambican private sector is called upon to play a key role in ensuring that economic growth tied to natural gas creates more jobs and other opportunities.

To that end, special attention should be given to the business and security environment, she said.

“The production of gas has tremendous potential, but other indirect benefits should be capitalized. It is necessary to develop the agro-livestock, financial and information and communication technologies sector to supply the domestic market,” she said.

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UK in Mozambique


A nossa Alta-Comissária @NneNneUK NneNne Iwuji-Eme, fez o seu discurso no último dia da 5ª Cimeira Moçambicana sobre Hidrocarbonetos. discurso.

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NneNne Iwuji-Eme@NneNneUK

Foi um prazer ter o Vice Ministro dos Recursos Minerais e Energia, Eng. Augusto Fernando no nosso stand no 5th Mozambique Gas Summit Amanhã as 9 horas, eu vou discursar sobre a cooperação entre Reino Unido e Moçambique no sector de Hidrocarbonetos. @UKinMozambique

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