Africa Oil & Gas: Over 60 trucks from Namibia and Mozambique impounded in fuel smuggling scam in Zambia

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has impounded over 60 trucks for illegally smuggling cheap fuel in the country from Namibia and Mozambique via the Katima Mulilo and Chanida borders.

During an operation at Katima Mulilo Border Post, the trucks were found have a concealed false belly where fuel was contained and not being used by the respective vehicles.

The companies whose trucks have been impounded are Capital Fisheries with the fuel being used internally for their operations.

ZRA has moved in to ensure that they collect the requisite tax from the owners of the trucks.

ZRA Communications Manager said that the trucks were intercepted using installed scanners at the border posts.

Some of the impounded trucks are expected to be forfeited to the state.

The operations has covered Katima Mulilo, Chanida and Chirundu border posts.

Seven of the trucks are detained at Katima Mulilo with four already seized after customs officers recorded statements while 23 trucks conducting a similar illegality have also been impounded at Chanida border, Eastern Province.

A similar operation in Chirundu has seen 30 trucks impounded with 15 of found to have been illegally carrying fuel.

The false belly tanks carry as much as 1,800 litres.

ZRA has valued the confiscated fuel five hundred and seventy six kwacha. Source: By Chris Phiri  | Zambia Reports

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