Mozambique Energy: Govt to invest US$34 billion in electric power production

The Mozambican government has approved the Integrated Electricity Infrastructure Master Plan valued at more than US$34 billion, of which US$18 billion is expected to be invested in electricity generation infrastructure.

The plan also establishes that US$9 billion will be used to finance the construction of power transmission infrastructure, with Tete-Maputo as the main backbone of the system, and US$7 billion will be invested in electricity distribution.

Based on this plan, by 2043 Mozambique will have the capacity to produce 17,720 MW.

Mozambique requires 8,000 MW for its current domestic consumption needs.

The demand for power for export is also expected to grow to around 7,000 MW, against the current 1,500 MW.

According to Mozambican daily newspaper O País, power production in Mozambique is expected to grow at two different stages.

The first will be from 2018 to 2028, which will include the interconnection of the electrical systems that will allow the production of about 3,400 MW.

The second stage will be from 2028 to 2043, which will be based on the interconnection of the electrical systems through interchange, allowing for the production of 12,000 MW.

The government intends that by 2030 all Mozambicans will have access to electricity.

To reach these targets by 2020, more than 2 million new home connections are needed, the total of which is expected to increase to 7.6 million in 2030 and more than 9.4 million in 2040. (macauhub)

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