Africa Renewables: Algeria to Manufacture RE Parts in partnership with General Electric

The first turbines manufactured in Algeria will be available by July 2019, according to the CEO of the country’s state-run utility Sonelgaz. Mohamed Arkab said the goal is being achieved through a partnership with GE.

The country has indeed signed an agreement to create a JV co-founded by both entities under the 51/49 rule. Called GEAT, the JV company will manufacture the equipment of a power plant, such as alternators and control systems.

In addition, a JV between Hyundai and Daewoo and Vijai Electricals will see high-power transformers manufactured in the country. Algeria also aims to manufacture boilers and heat exchangers through a partnership with BHI.

The construction of infrastructure with a total capacity of 180 MW was agreed at the economic conference organized in 2015 by the country and which had resulted in the programming of 2,000 MW of new energy capacity.

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