Africa Oil & Gas: Equatorial Guinea Calls on Russia and Qatar for LNG

Gabriel Obiang Lima, Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Petroleum, while attending Russian Energy Week in Moscow asked Russia and Qatar for help in building new terminals for the importation and processing of LNG.

Moreover, the Qatari government is already aiming to sell its production in main African markets in the coming years, by building regasification terminals. According to reports, the government of Qatar believes that these are the most affordable solutions for African countries to promote access to energy for all.

As for Russia, Lima suggested support for African countries in the construction of infrastructure and especially regasification terminals.

“We need LNG and it is clear that LNG is the best resource because it is environmentally friendly and cheaper. The main problem we have is the infrastructure to receive, store and redistribute LNG. If these smaller-scale terminals are built around Africa, this can clearly make us a very big market for Europe. We will of course encourage Russia and we are discussing with our friends in Qatar to contribute to the development of all these terminals in Africa,” he said.

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