Mozambique Mining: Communities paralyze mining activities at Moatize II Vale mine

More than a hundred residents of the neighborhood Nhanchere neighborhood in the village of Moatize today paralyzed the operations of the mine Moatize II, owned by mining company Vale Moçambique.

Excessive dust, noise from explosives and approaching the mine to the residents’ homes are some of the reasons that led the group to invade the mining operations area on Thursday morning.

After the invasion all operations of the Brazilian miner at the Moatize II mine were paralyzed for an indeterminate period.


In a brief meeting with the protesters, Vale assured that the machines will not operate at that mine before consensus is reached.

Protesters promise to set fire to the machinery if the promise made this morning by the minaret is violated.

On the other hand, the residents of this residential area of ​​the municipality of Moatize dismiss the presence of the district government and the municipality in the negotiations with the mining company.

Maxwell Abreu is one of the leaders of the group and explains why. “They are Vale’s licks, they always promise that they will articulate with the company and they never do, they eat with Vale,” Maxwell said, while adding, “That’s enough, now we’re sending them here.

Vale Communities and mining.jpg

It should be noted that Mina Moatize II is less than 300 meters from the residences, as illustrated in some pictures in the pictures above

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