Africa Oil & Gas: Savannah Petroleum announces Zomo oil discovery in Niger

Savannah Petroleum, the British independent oil and gas company focused around oil and gas activities in Niger and Nigeria, has announced the result of the Zomo-1 exploration well as an oil discovery. Zomo-1 is the fifth consecutive discovery to be made in the exploration campaign conducted by Savannah’s Niger subsidiary in the R3 portion of the R3/R4 PSC Area in the Agadem Rift Basin (‘ARB’), South East Niger. 

Well Result

Preliminary results based on the interpretation of the available data set (which includes wireline logs, fluid sampling and pressure data) indicate that the well has encountered a total estimated 5.4m of net oil-bearing reservoir sandstones in the E1 reservoir unit within the primary Eocene Sokor Alternances objective. Additional pay is thought to potentially exist in the well, but will require further technical evaluation and/or testing to confirm. Wireline logs indicate the reservoir properties to be good quality and the available data indicates light oil consistent with Savannah’s discoveries to date, and in line with offset wells and the depth/API trend observed across the basin. Oil samples have been taken and returned to surface using wireline testing equipment.

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Zomo-1 is located on the R3 portion of the R3/R4 PSC Area in the Agadem Basin, south east Niger

Drilling Performance

The well was drilled by the GW 215 Rig to a total measured depth of 2,499m, and encountered the main objective targets at, or near, their prognosed depths. The well took a total of 20 days to reach target depth, and all operations are expected to be completed within 28 days of spud. This compares with a pre-drill expectation of 22 days to reach target depth and 30 – 35 days to complete all drilling operations. No significant geological or drilling hazards were encountered.

Next Steps

Following the successful results of the five exploration wells drilled to date, Savannah Niger has elected to commission Pre-Stack Depth Migration (‘PSDM’) processing of the R3 East 3D seismic dataset. PSDM processing is intended to provide Savannah Niger with a significantly enhanced definition of the oil pay zones at the crests of each of the discoveries and significantly assist in full “field scale” evaluations and associated development well planning.  PSDM is also anticipated to significantly enhance the 3D imaging of the as yet un-drilled deeper Cretaceous aged Yogou and Donga exploration targets identified on the existing data set (including potentially significant structures underlying Savanah Niger’s Amdigh, Bushiya and Eridal discoveries).

Separately, Savannah Niger has recently received an additional 400 km of 2D seismic data on the R3 Central area. Savannah Niger is currently in the process of incorporating this data into its R3 Central area subsurface model and expects to conclude this process shortly. Preliminary work conducted to date has served to revalidate many of the previously identified exploration targets on the area as well as identifying several new targets.

Given the importance of these workstreams for the next phase of drilling activity in the R3 East and R3 Central areas, Savannah Niger has decided to conclude its maiden exploration campaign following the completion of operations at Zomo-1. A new drilling campaign is expected to commence in early 2019, initially focusing on the R3 East and R3 Central areas, before likely proceeding to the R1 Dinga 3D area and, potentially, the R2 Dinga Ridge area.

Savannah Niger continues to expect to perform a well test on Amdigh-1 in December 2018, and preparations for this are underway. It is anticipated that following completion of the well test, production from Savannah’s planned Early Production System (“EPS”) will commence in early 2019.

Steve Jenkins, Chairman of Savannah Petroleum, said:

‘Following the Zomo-1 discovery, our maiden exploration campaign in Niger has delivered five discoveries from five wells and resulted in the discovery of more than sufficient oil to enable us to proceed towards our planned 2019 Early Production System. This is a fantastic achievement, and we expect the EPS to create a material new revenue stream for our Company. Looking forward, 2019 is set to be an extremely busy time for Savannah Niger on the drilling front. Our team is in the process of putting together a large multi-well campaign aimed at replicating our 2018 successes and delivering further transformational value for our stakeholders.’

Andrew Knott, CEO of Savannah Petroleum, said:

‘The discovery of the Amdigh, Bushiya, Eridal, Kunama and Zomo fields in the R3 East PSC area has delivered material value for our stakeholders. The discoveries have also served to demonstrate the world class exploration potential of our wider PSC areas, where we have identified 120 potential drilling targets which we expect to high grade for inclusion in future drilling campaigns. I would like to take the opportunity to thank our drilling and technical teams, as well as our service company partners, for delivering a safe and successful campaign within time and budget expectations. I look forward to providing further updates on our Niger business as it develops, ahead of the upcoming Amdigh-1 well test and our planned EPS, as well as our next phase of exploration drilling which we expect to commence in early 2019.’

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Source: Savannah Petroleum

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