Mozambique Oil & Gas: “ENH looking for partners for gas research in Mazenga area” – @Verdade reports

The National Hydrocarbons Company (ENH), EP, is partner search for natural gas and oil research in Mazenga area, located in southern Mozambique, whose initial investments are estimated at 65 million US dollars.

Located in the southern part of the basin of Mozambique to Mazenga Area “onshore has been licensed to ENH last August after being placed on the international public tender in 2009 and have not been discharged, no investor really interested in researching the existing hydrocarbons in this area of ​​22.812 kilometers square that extends from the Vilankulo districts, Massinga, the North, Funhalouro district to the west, and Panda, Homoíne and part of the South Maxixe.

The National Hydrocarbon Company was concessioned by Decree 55/2018 of 3 September and without public tender, the “exclusive right to conduct petroleum operations, for the production of oil from the resources originating from one or more oil deposits underground, within the limits of the Concession Agreement Area “.

Additionally it was also awarded the “non-exclusive right to build and operate oil production and transport infrastructure produced from oil deposits underground, within the limits of the Concession Agreement Area, unless there is availability of access to a pipeline system or pipeline or other existing under reasonable commercial terms and conditions infrastructures. “

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Hydrocarbon Company, Omar Mitha, needed to @Verdade that the necessary investments for the three survey periods, which may extend for eight years, are estimated at 65 million US dollars.

Not being calling ENH research or production of hydrocarbons, but rather has the mission of representing the Mozambican state in every sector projects, Mitha declined-to indicate who will be their partners in the initial search of natural gas or oil and perhaps in future production.

National Oil InstituteBeing unknown the recent financial situation of the National Hydrocarbons Company, since 2015 the Public Company does not present its audited accounts as of law, @Verdade believes that in addition to strategic partners with expertise in research, development and production hydrocarbons institution seeks whom he may also invest in Mazenga area.

It is recalled that ENH had to borrow yourself with its partners in the area 4 to accomplish the initial investment relating to their participation in what will be the first natural gas project to start producing in our country.

Currently, due to the rating of “deadbeat” Mozambique has the @Verdade know that the institution headed by Omar Mitha is still seeking funding of over 2 billion US dollars to materialize their portion in the investment area 1.

The @Verdade found that the National Hydrocarbons Company has a maximum period of 12 months to reveal who will be their strategic partners in over this enterprise that can increase the volume of production of hydrocarbons in Mozambique.

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