Mozambique Oil & Gas: Anadarko has spent US$850 mln with local companies

The Anadarko oil company has already spent about US$850 million on services and products from domestic companies, and plans to hire more than 5,000 during the construction phase of the liquefied natural gas processing platform in Rovuma.

Speaking on Wednesday in Tete during a seminar of local opportunities, Anadarko’s local content manager for Area 1 Benjamim Cavele explained that the oil company was prioritising national companies and local labour as part of its responsibility for strengthening local entrepreneurship.

“Anadarko and its partners will allocate a value of US$2.5 billion to Mozambican-owned companies and companies registered in Mozambique,” Cavele said.

Provincial governor Paulo Auade stressed the importance of Anadarko role of expressed the government’s commitment to creating policies to improve public-private partnerships.

Anadarko’s Local Opportunities Seminar will this Friday move to the city of Beira.

By António Frades

Source: O País

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