Africa Oil & Gas: Togo Turns to Equatorial Guinea for Gas Supplies

Togo, in an attempt to diversify its sources of gas supply and reduce its dependence on land pipelines, is discussing with Equatorial Guinea the possibility of housing storage and regasification infrastructures for LNG. In this regard, it is also examining the possibility of concluding an LNG Terminal Agreement, the rank of a “Sale and Purchase Agreement.”

According to Marc Dedèriwè Ably-Bidamon, Minister of Mines and Energy of Togo, this project is part of a government initiative to provide gas in abundance to serve the population. Visiting Equatorial Guinean installationsat the end of August 2018, he said that “the realization of this project would be a significant asset.”

Togo and Equatorial Guinea, through their respective ministers, signed a MoU in April of this year for the supply of LNG.

At the time of the signing of the MoU, Equatorial Guinea’s minister of mines and energy, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, said“It is imperative that African countries monetize their gas, and that energy users benefit from this cheaper, cleaner and locally produced resource. Equatorial Guinea is committed to working with its neighbors in the region to find solutions that benefit everyone. We hope for a strong partnership with Togo.”

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