The Govt Wish: Half cars on the road running on natural gas

Mozambique has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of South Korea on Wednesday to boost the use of natural gas in vehicles, a government source told Lusa.

As the country has massive natural gas resources, it wants to reduce its importation of liquid fuels as natural gas costs half as much as the imports.

The country spends about $800 million a year on liquid fuel imports, the source added.

The document foresees a pilot phase with 10 filling stations in Mozambique while 150 gas-driven cars will be imported along with 1,000 conversion kits.

The memorandum includes technical assistance while the project is being implemented.

Later, if all goes well, there should be 170 filling stations and about half the cars in the country will use natural gas as their fuel. Source: Lusa

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