Africa Oil & Gas: Four Dead, 10 Injured in Attack on NOC’s HQ

The latest clashes in Libya escalated on Monday when several gunmen attacked the headquarters of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli, and witnesses say that a few people have been shot.

Unknown armed assailants attacked Libya’s state-run NOC’s headquarters on the morning of September 10. According to the state-run firm, a number of explosions inside the building and intense shooting took place, with gunmen holding NOC staff hostage for some time.

A statement on the NOC website said that two members of its staff were killed in the attack and 10 employees were injured. Two of the masked gunmen, of which there were at least six,  were also killed. More recent, unconfirmed media reports are alleging that it was a suicide attack.

The Interior Ministry released a statement saying that early indications are that it was an attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). No group has claimed responsibility as yet.

NOC chairman Mustafa Sanalla who was inside the building at the time of the attack said, “We solemnly mourn the death of those martyred by the terrorists and wish a speedy recovery to the those injured. We praise our staff for their bravery in the face of unbelievable violence and give thanks to the swift response of the emergency services and the security teams working to end this horrific situation.

“Far more important than the considerable damage to our building is the human cost of such an attack. Our people are our most precious asset. NOC will not change in its mission because of such actions – we will stay strong and resolute. There has been no impact on production and operations. This incident however serves to demonstrate the fragile security situation in our country and the need for additional measures to ensure NOC is able to withstand those that seek to halt Libya’s recovery. We call on all parties to ensure that the perpetrators of such acts are brought to justice. God bless Libya.”

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