Africa Oil & Gas: Nigerian Refinery Delays Refuted

Oil refinery

According to news reports out of Nigeria, the country’s super refinery could be delayed. Production from the Dangote refinery could be delayed until 2022, two years later than the target start date.

The 650,000 bpd refinery near Lagos is expected to transform Nigeria from a net importer to an exporter of refined products.

While reports have the refinery being delayed, Dangote Group Executive Director Devakumar Edwin, who oversees the project, described the suggestion that the refinery is unlikely to start production until 2022 as the product of “someone’s wild imagination.”

“Ninety-five percent of engineering has been completed, 90% of procurement has been completed,” he said in a Reuters report. “We started civil works in July last year and we have scheduled 2-1/2 years for mechanical completion,” he said, referring to the point where a plant is ready to be handed over for commissioning.

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