Mozambique Energy: Govt launches open application for energy regulator head

power-lines-997249_960_720-1525791809.jpgThe Mozambican government is launching an open application process for the post of chairman of the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE) on Wednesday, the first such move concerning a regulatory entity in the country.

A note from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique states that the future chairperson of ARENE will have a five-year term, renewable once only for the same period.

The announcement points out that ARENE’s main activity is to regulate electricity subsectors, including those resulting from any source of renewable energy, liquid fuels, and the distribution and commercialisation of natural gas.

“It is also the responsibility of ARENE to ensure strict compliance with the principles and standards applicable to the energy sector, in accordance with national legislation, and international standards and good practices; and to promote fair competition between public and private energy sector operators as well as contributing to national energy security,” the text reads.

The note says that the candidate must be of Mozambican nationality, have a higher education qualification, preferably in Engineering, Economics or Law, as well as having a minimum of ten years of relevant experience a as senior manager in a respected organisation or similar operation.

The launch of the public tender is part of an effort to promote transparency in the hiring of managers of public entities.

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Source: Lusa

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