Africa Oil & Gas: Eni eyes further E&P opportunities in Libya

ENI CEO Claudio-DescalziHead of the Presidential Council of the Libyan Government of National Accord has met with the CEO of Eni to discuss future exploratory opportunities and development investments in the country.

Eni said that Fayez al-Sarraj met with the company’s CEO Claudio Descalzi in Tripoli on Monday to discuss future exploratory opportunities and development investments in Libya.

Descalzi and Al-Sarraj also discussed the progress of social projects that were underway in Libya relating to healthcare and access to clean drinking water, with a total value of $25 million.

The meeting with between Descalzi and al-Sarraj was held in the presence of the Italian ambassador in Libya, Giuseppe Perrone.

The visit of Eni’s CEO came in light of the recent start-up of the Bahr Essalam Phase 2 project, which marks the completion of the development of the largest gas field in production in the Libyan offshore.

The offshore Bahr Essalam Phase 2 project increased production potential by 400 million cubic feet of standard gas per day (mmscfd). Phase 2 will be completed between September and October, bringing total field production to 1,100 mmscfd.

Bahr Essalam, located about 120 kilometers northwest of Tripoli, contains over 260 billion cubic meters of gas. This is delivered through the Sabratha platform to the Mellitah onshore treatment plant before principally being used to supply the national network.

It is worth mentioning that Eni is the main supplier of gas to the local market – doubled in the last four years – with 20 million cubic meters a day destined entirely to supply the country’s power plants, with an electricity generation capacity of over 3 GW.

The Italian company is the largest international hydrocarbon producer in the country, where it currently produces 320,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day in equity. source:


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