Mozambique Mining: Graphite exploration to start soon in Niassa province may soon begin exploring large-scale graphite reserves discovered last year in the Nipepe district provincial governor Arlindo Chilundo told an extraordinary provincial government meeting led by President Nyusi on Saturday.

Arlindo Chilundo said that the company responsible had reported the existence of just over five million tons of graphite, which could last for more than 20 years.

“We have available just over five million tons of graphite, of which about 50 percent are pure graphite, which can be exploited over 27 years at a rate of 80,000 tons of graphite per year,” he said.

Another resource in the province was limestone, which would be used in a cement factory currently under construction. “We have a lot of limestone and we have been conducting quality studies concerning its use,” Chilundo added.Source: O Pais, by Francisco Mandlate

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