Mozambique Oil & Gas: SASOL denies discrimination against Mozambican companies

Sasol Join CEOS
Sasol joint CEOs Bongani Nqwababa and Stephen Cornell (PHOTO by Duane Daws)

South African oil multinational Sasol denied that it is discriminating against Mozambican companies in tenders for its activity in the province of Inhambane, southern Mozambique, saying that it is committed to respecting the legislation.

The company defended the legality of its action in Mozambique in response to the decision announced this week by the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Max Tonela, according to which Mozambican authorities cancelled a tender launched by Sasol. Te decisin was taken on the grounds that Sasol had turned down Mozambican companies in favour of foreign companies.

“Sasol complies with all the terms of its concessions and all the laws and regulations of the Republic of Mozambique,” reads a statement from the South African oil company.

The company, said the communique, looks for opportunities to maximise the participation of Mozambican companies in its operations and projects.

In regards to the tender suspended by the Mozambican government, launched in June, Sasol acknowledged that it has issued a call for proposals to some of the companies which had originally expressed an interest, and also emphasised that it  will launch a formal tender process in full collaboration with the National Institute of Petroleum of Mozambique.

Speaking to the media, Max Tonela said that the tender was aimed at selecting companies to transport light oil and did not take into account the availability of companies in Mozambique who have the capacity to do this work.

“Opportunities must first be given to Mozambican companies. This is the principle that the Government defends,” he said.

Source: Lusa

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