Mozambique Oil & Gas: Brazil shares its oil and gas experience in Maputo

Braz Moz Gas event 1.jpgDeputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique, Augusto de Sousa Fernando, said in Maputo that the best use of the investments that occur in the oil and gas sector in Mozambique is through the search for experiences from countries, such as Brazil, that operate in the sector for quite some time.

Speaking at the 1st Oil and Gas Seminar between Brazil and Mozambique, the minister highlighted the importance of Mozambican human resources and the training of personnel.

“The local content was, is, and will be concern of the government because in the Oil Law, in force since 2014, were included commands on the acquisition of goods and services, establishing partnerships between foreigners and Mozambicans,” said the minister quoted by the Mozambique News Agency (AIM, Portuguese acronym).

Fernando Sousa said that Brazil’s experience in human resources and training is extremely important for Mozambique.

“In the case of oil and gas, Brazil is a right option,” he said.

The CEO of Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), Omar Mithá, reinforced the minister’s words by saying that “it is a great opportunity to gather experiences from our Brazilian partners that have been in the industry for over 60 years.”

During the seminar, Brazilian Ambassador to Mozambique Rodrigo Soares said that Mozambique has the potential to be the third largest exporter of gas in the world, exploring the huge reserves it has in the Rovuma Basin.

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