Mozambique Energy: Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric to improve structural safety

Image courtesy by HCB

Hidroeléctica de Cahora Bassa SA (HCB) and Guncrete Geotechnical (Pty) Ltd have signed a contract for geotechnical work to improve the structural safety of the rocky southern slope of the dam.

The contract was signed by the Executive Director Nelson Beete and engineer Adriano Jonas on behalf of HCB, and by engineer Peter Pretorious on behalf of the contractor.

The project focuses on the consolidation of unstable rock blocks which may obstruct the restitution zone of the Southern Central facility and disrupt its operation. The project, which will take about three years, will cost around EUR 16 million.

Due to the technical complexity of the project and HCB being a reference point in southern Africa, the work will be supervised by Golder Associates, an international company specialising in geotechnical work.

This project is part of the engineering investment plan called CAPEX Vital, which aims to increase the reliability of Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric. Source: Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa / Press Release

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