Africa Oil & Gas: Kenya blacklists over 300 firms from energy tenders

More than 300 firms in Kenya have been blacklisted from energy tenders. According to the East African country’s energy minister, Charles Keter, 350 companies linked to corrupt deals at Kenya Power Lighting Company were blacklisted.

The action follows findings of an internal audit that revealed that 350 out of the 500 contractors did not meet the set criteria for pre-qualification. Reports allege that some employees of the Kenyan utility firm earned kickbacks from awarding tenders to questionable firms through nepotism.

“Any contractor out of those three hundred and something firms will never do any business with the Government of Kenya, not only the Ministry of Energy,” said Keter.

“We need to circulate that list to other departments. If they are dealing with roads, if they are dealing with REA (Rural Electrification Authority) they have to be removed like yesterday,” he added.

Kenya Power fired 18 employees following the audit that revealed that they jointly owned companies shortlisted for contracts with their children, spouses and relatives.

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