Africa Energy: Libya to Receive Assistance from US on Electricity

power_linesLibya will receive assistance from the US in reforming its electricity sector. The Libya Electricity Sector Reform Task Force held its first meeting in Tunisia, organized by USAID and Libya’s state-owned power firm, the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL).

The Task Force will lay the groundwork for the eventual establishment of an independent electricity sector regulatory body for Libya. The creation of this Task Force is key to establishing the needed policies for electricity sector regulation as well as the regulatory authority with a clear mandate, separate from that of the GECOL.

The Task Force was set up by the Presidency Council and its members chosen based on the role they currently play in the sector. The US government will provide experts to support the work of the Task Force in improving electricity reliability to the country’s citizens.

USAID is helping GECOL set up best practices based on those of well-run international electric utilities and providing technical assistance to help implement specific activities.

USAID will conduct workshops for GECOL staff, and other electricity sector stakeholders, highlighting best-practices in commercial loss reduction, energy conservation and revenue enhancement.

With USAID assistance, GECOL developed the Electricity Sector Reform Roadmap in 2017. Goals under the roadmap include creating a financially self-sustaining electricity sector, ensure reliability, and encourage private sector participation and involvement to support service delivery and economic growth.

GECOL has taken steps to improve Libya’s access to electricity by re-establishing the high voltage transmission connection between the Western and Eastern part of the transmission grid and by installing off-grid solar power in a hospital in Sabha.

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