Mozambique Oil & Gas: “Rovuma gas to foster north region industrialization” – Minister

StructuringMozambique Mineral and Energy Minister, Max Tonela said that Rovuma Basin gas will make “a significant contribution to the industrialisation of the country, by making viable other projects that will use the gas”.

The first three of these projects have already been approved, using 400 million cubic feet of gas to produce fertiliser, electricity, and liquid fuels (diesel, naphtha and kerosene).

With the entry of the American oil and gas giant ExxonMobil as a partner in Area Four of the Basin, prospects were opened for further LNG projects.

“The presence of companies the size of ExxonMobil has confirmed that Mozambique remains a preferred destination for investment, thanks to the attractive legal framework”, said Tonela. “We are working with ExxonMobil, and hope to start discussing its development plan later this year, leading to an investment decision on the third LNG project in 2019”.

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