Mozambique Energy: Electricity for all to cost $6.6 billion

Electrification - power Africa1Mozambique’s public electricity company (EDM) needs $6.6 billion to ensure everyone has access to electricity by 2030, the company’s CEO said on Wednesday.

“The target is possible and we already have partners who have shown interest and availability to help with the plan”, Carlos Alberto Yum said.

The company needs to ensure 350,000 new connections a year throughout the country to comply with the plan.

The company currently manages to establish about 150,000 new connections a year.

The European Union (EU), World Bank (WB), Norway and Sweden have shown interest in supporting Mozambique with its plan, he said.

The company’s modernisation is also fundamental to comply with the plan and the CEO said that it had already begun to implement international standards.

The company wants the national grid to reach 20 million Mozambicans in the next 12 years, meaning about 4 million households.

Currently, only 8 million of the country’s 28 million inhabitants have access to the national grid, coverage of about 26%. Source: Lusa

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