Global Oil & Gas: Trump on the LNG Offensive


lng usa.jpg
Exports of American LNG are expected to reach 8.5 billion cubic feet a day by 2020. Image: EnergyResources.

The idea that the US can export LNG to Europe at the expense of Russian pipeline exports appears to be too alluring for senior US officials to drop, fallacious though the notion of such a proxy war with gas is.


Gas is just too essential a part of everyday industrial and domestic life in Europe for that idea to gain traction. Heavy reliance on Russia, but with intelligent safeguards, a well-regulated market, and back-up arrangements with other gas suppliers, or suppliers of other fuels, are what is needed, and on a case-by-case rather than prescriptive basis for all states.

Not all European countries get on with the Donald Trump administration or appreciate its apparent enthusiasm for meddling in its business, such as Nord Stream 2 – a matter they regard as one for the European Union to settle internally.

Full article in Volume 3, Issue 8 of NGW Magazine

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