Global Oil & Gas: “A Changing Global Gas Order” – CGG report

Nigeria - Gas-flaring-offshore-splash-The Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University has produced an update to the 2017 commentary, “A Changing Global Gas Order.” In an examination of emerging gas market trends over the previous twelve months, authors Tim Boersma, Tatiana Mitrova (Member of NGW’s Advisory Board), and Akos Losz touch on key topics, including the gas industry’s monetization challenge on the supply side, future gas and LNG demand growth, the position of Russia in the new global gas order, and potential reputational risks facing the LNG industry.

Critically, the authors conclude the global gas industry faces a disruptive, highly competitive, and deeply uncertain future. Further market transformations and even deeper shifts are likely to follow, and many of these will be impossible to foresee. The only certainty is that gas will have to compete fiercely with other energy sources for both market share and financing.

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