Mozambique Renewables: Govt seeks private investment in renewable energies

Zagtouli solar power station

The Mozambique Electric Company (EDM) said at a workshop in Maputo on Thursday that one of the strategies to improve the country’s energy supply is to encourage private investment in the sector of renewable energies.

“We believe that renewable energies play an important role to help us reach the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 agenda. Currently, it’s not possible to supply electric power to the entire country using the national grid, we need to use several isolated systems,” said Miserio Banze, head of the department for energy efficiency at EDM.

Mozambique is a signatory for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), aiming to secure access to a reliable, sustainable, modern and affordable energy to all.

The workshop held in Maputo aims to go through different possibilities available to involve the private sector and get funds to improve energy access throughout the country.

“It’s clear that government’s actions alone will not be able to double the number of people with access to energy by 2030. So, we want to explore the role the private sector would play in the promotion of energy efficiency in Mozambique,” said Banze.

Academic institutions attending the workshop also call for rational and responsible use of available resources in the electric power domain.

The country has been investing in the generation of renewable energy through solar power particularly for health unities, schools and other institutions in rural areas.(Xinhua)


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