Mozambique Oil & Gas: “Fuel marking starts by May” – Moz Tax Authority

Petrol station Service-Stations-Promo-BoxThe Mozambican Tax Authority’s fuel-marking process swings into action on May 2, and will both reduce tax evasion and guarantee the quality of the product, thereby contributing to the longevity of vehicles and other machinery using the fuel.

In an interview with Radio Mozambique, Miguel Nhane, who is responsible for the fuel marking process in the Tax Authority, said that some importers declared fuels to be ‘in transit’ but surreptitiously introduced them into the national market, thereby evading tax.

To get the process under way, the company selected, which has already obtained the approval from the administrative court but whose identity has not been revealed, has been working on the installation of marking machinery at fuel terminals.

Source: Rádio Moçambique

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