Mozambique Renewables: Clean energies needed to expand access to electricity

Renewables Energy - BIV-clean-energy-shift-a-plus-for-mining-think-tankMozambique needs to invest in renewable energies to support the expansion of the electricity grid, which only covers 27% of the country the National Energy department said on Thursday.

The deputy national director of energy, Marcelina Mataveia, said the use of renewable energies was an essential part of the challenge of getting electricity to the country.

The public electricity grid only reaches 1.7 million clients in a country with a population of 28.8 million people, according to official figures.

Marcelina Mataveia said the fact that the country had enormous potential in energy resources, meant there had to be greater efficiency in managing them and ensuring access to energy in the more remote parts of Mozambique.

Solar energy is the most abundant source of renewable energy in Mozambique with potential to produce 23,000 gigawatts, the Energy Fund said.

In 2015, the Energy and Sustainable Development Forum said that 80% of the population in Mozambique used biomass, a situation that contributed towards deforestation in the country.

Source: Lusa

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