Mozambique Oil & Gas: Country weighs up next steps for gas projects

Omar Mitha, ENH Chairman
Omar Mitha, ENH Chairman

The country’s state-run firm ENH is optimistic about gas’ futureMozambique’s Rovuma Basin gas has been a long time coming—and the country is still waiting.

Nevertheless, the last 12 months have seen a level of activity and progress that suggests the authorities are serious about doing what they can, within the constraints of Mozambique’s political realities, to get the projects up and running.

Omar Mitha, chairman of Mozambique’s national hydrocarbons company ENH, is under no illusions, however, that production from Mozambique’s large gas reserves will be entering a competitive marketplace, both in terms of attracting gas buyers and keeping developers interested. At the end of January, it emerged that Norway’s Statoil was quitting extended negotiations…. read more

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