Industry & Sustainabiity: Moz LNG project provides more than US$10m for agribusiness promotion

Agro businessThe Mozambique LNG project, led by Anadarko, will provide more than US $ 10 million over the next five years in the Province of Cabo Delgado to implement the Catalisa project. This project aims, on the one hand, to promote agribusiness through the development of value chains in poultry and horticulture and, on the other, to empower young people to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise with the development of Rovuma basin gas projects.

The Catalisa project is an initiative of Mozambique LNG Project that will be implemented by TechnoServe. This will align with the priorities established by the Mozambican Government and act as a catalyst to private investment in Cabo Delgado through access to financing, markets and training in the use of improved agricultural techniques. This in turn will lead to an increase in the ability of small producers to profitably produce poultry and vegetables and to increase the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to enter into value chains. In this perspective, it is expected, among others, to encourage the emergence in Cabo Delgado of a slaughterhouse for the processing of chickens and to establish contracts for the supply of chickens and vegetables between local companies and catering companies, who will provide services under the Mozambique LNG Project. These suppliers could potentially benefit from other business opportunities provided by other companies in the market, inside and outside the Province of Cabo Delgado.

It is also expected that with the increase in production and productivity that will come from the implementation of the Catalisa project, the country will be able to reduce its imports and, consequently, increase its foreign exchange savings.

As part of the youth training component, Catalisa expects to train more than 1000 young people to help them set up their own businesses and be more able to absorb the employment opportunities that will emerge in the Mozambique LNG Project, in particular, and in the market, in general.

Anadarko’s Vice-President and Country Manager, Steve Wilson, stated: “The Catalisa Project will be implemented in close coordination with Mozambican government authorities and aims to take advantage of the huge market opportunities that will arise, particularly in Cabo Delgado, to bring benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises, for farmers and young people. We are aware that our social license to operate is based on our ability, in partnership with several stakeholders, to contribute to providing significant benefits to Mozambicans and contributing to the country’s sustainable development. Steve Wilson added, “As the project grows, the benefits for the country will increase. These benefits include the training of skilled labor, employment and business opportunities in various areas for Mozambican companies”.

According to Jane Grob, TechnoServe’s Managing Director in Mozambique “This project, which will be phased in over the next five years, is an example of synergies between large multinational companies such as Anadarko and the Mozambican private sector to develop market opportunities with benefits for all stakeholders. This is indeed a great opportunity for integrating small farmers into value chains by strengthening market access on the one hand and expanding the network of SMEs along value chains through access to finance and training in business management”.

The Mozambique LNG project will be Mozambique’s first onshore LNG development, initially consisting of two LNG trains with total nameplate capacity of 12.88 MTPA to support the development of the Golfinho/Atum fields located entirely within Offshore Area 1. This foundational project paves the way for significant future expansion of up to 50 MTPA from Offshore Area 1. The Golfinho/Atum Project will also supply initial volumes of approximately 100 million cubic feet of natural gas per day (MMcf/d) (50 MMcf/d per train) for domestic use in Mozambique.

Anadarko Moçambique Área 1, Lda, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, operates Offshore Area 1 with a 26.5-percent working interest. Co-venturers include ENH Rovuma Área Um, S.A. (15 percent), Mitsui E&P Mozambique Area1 Ltd. (20 percent), ONGC Videsh Ltd. (10 percent), Beas Rovuma Energy Mozambique Limited (10 percent), BPRL Ventures Mozambique B.V. (10 percent), and PTTEP Mozambique Area 1 Limited (8.5 percent). Source: Anadarko / Press Release

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