Mozambique Oil & Gas: Fuel prices rise again, domestic gas down

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Prices of fuels and other petroleum products will be adjusted as of tomorrow. With the readjustment, cooking gas (LPG) decreases from the current 68.43 Mt / kg to 65.18 Mt / kg. Gasoline goes from 62.06 meticais per litre to 65.01 meticais per litre and diesel increases from 56.43 to 61.16 meticais per litre.

Meanwhile, kerosene rises from the current 46.98 to 50.45 meticais per litre while compressed gas (NGV) goes from the current 29.62 to 31.54 lmeticais per litre equivalent.

Despite this upward adjustment the Government will continue to protect the most needy sectors, such as semi-collective passenger transport, farmers, power generation in districts (generating groups), and artisanal fishing, reads the statement from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy.

The last adjustment of the price of fuels and other petroleum products took place on 21 February 2018. Source: O País

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