Mozambique Energy: Sweden supports energy projects in the country

Electricity-PexelsSweden has promised to provide US$6 million to finance Mozambique Electricity (EDM) in the preparatory studies for electricity generation, transmission and distribution projects in the country.

The idea is to enable EDM to structure projects and carry out feasibility, environmental and social impact studies, thus facilitating interaction with potential funders.

Among the initiatives that could progress as a result of the Swedish funding are the second phase of the Mavuzi hydroelectric plant, the Tsate, Messalo and Mugeba hydroelectric plants, and the Nampula-Angoche, Chimuara-Dondo, Maputo-Salamanga , Ressano -Garcia-Beluluane and Macia-Chongoene power lines.

It is also hoped to carry out studies for the electrification of administrative posts not yet connected to the national grid, for the rehabilitation and for the improvement of the Xai-Xai and Nampula distribution lines.

Mateus Magala, chairman of EDM’s Board of Directors, said that financing the preparation of projects was a novel kind of support, in that it filled a gap which made it difficult to obtain funds.

Sweden’s ambassador to Mozambique, Marie Andersson de Frutos, highlighted the need for EDM to focus on the use of new and renewable energy, especially solar power.

She reiterated the openness of the Swedish government to continue supporting the development of Mozambique, as it had been doing since independence, particularly in the energy sector. Source: Notícias

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