Africa Energy: Algeria to Export Electricity to Libya and Tunisia

Power linesAlgeria will export electricity to Libya and Tunisia, Algerian Minister of Energy Mustapha Guitouni said. 

According to the official, this export of part of the national electricity production is in line with the country’s energy strategy. This includes a transition to the status of exporter, once the country is self-sufficient in electricity, which will be the case as soon as possible.

“The negotiations are ongoing with Tunisia, about the transfer of about 400 MW of energy and with Libya,” said the official. Electricity will be transported to these two countries from the Algerian towns of Batna and Khenchela.

To achieve energy self-sufficiency, the country yesterday inaugurated a 421.5 MW capacity plant at Khenchela. It is also planned to set up a 1,266.7 MW power plant in R’mila, expandable to 1,600 MW.

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