Mozambique Mining: Syrah Resources Balama graphite output keeps growing

Syrah Balama Project.jpgSyrah Resources has continued to ramp up production of flake and fines graphite at its Balama project, in Mozambique, with increased recoveries and production achieved in February.

Syrah advised on Friday that an issue has arisen regarding the fines graphite circuit’s dryer at Balama, which has caused damage to the fines dryer refractory bricks and the flame tube.

The coarse flake graphite circuit dryer (flake dryer) is independent of the fines dryer and continues to operate and fines graphite can be rerouted to the flake dryer, such that production can continue while the fines dryer is being repaired.

In addition, the company noted that it is currently investigating the cause of the issue and is planning repairs to mitigate production impacts with the assistance of the fines dryer vendor.

The company’s current best estimate of the period of time for repair is eight weeks, with the cost of the repair not expected to be material.


While the fines dryer is not operational, Syrah expects to produce about 65% of the volume planned for ramp-up during this period.

The production volume impact relating to the fines dryer may be mitigated or eliminated by maximizing the flake dryer throughput during the period of repair and, subsequently, increasing production once the fines dryer repair is complete.

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