Africa Oil & Gas: Sonangol Leadership denounces millionaire transfers by former administration


Sonangol buildings
Sonangol Headquarters

Sonangol’s chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA), Carlos Saturnino, denounced the large sums being withdrawn to a bank in Dubai following the exoneration of the former CA headed by Isabel dos Santos, daughter of former Angolan President, VOA news writes.

Asked what the company is going to do with these amounts, Carlos Saturnino told a press conference on Wednesday in Luanda that any action is entirely the responsibility of the Angolan Government.

Saturnino revealed that after the exoneration of the CA led by the daughter of former President of the Republic José Eduardo dos Santos, the company’s Finance Manager made a transfer of $ 38 million to Matter Business Solutions DMCC, based in Dubai.

The PCA stated that four-bill payments had been made, which was not in good faith to him.

“Although he was exonerated on the 15th, the trustee ordered a transfer of $ 36 million from the BIC bank to Matter Business Solutions DMCC, based in Dubai, on 16 January, and this was not the only transfer , on the 17th, four bills were also paid, “he said.

Carlos Saturnino also denounced payments of large salaries in the management of Isabel dos Santos.

“An overall value of 13 million dollars for a set of eight administrators and 26 elements linked to the management of the company in salaries, employees, etc.,” added the official who said he had informed the Government about the situation of the company ..

“It is up to this entity, as owner of the company, any criminal action because we are not here to bring people to justice, we came to manage the company,” he concluded.

It should be noted that, for the time being, no former Sonangol official has been notified by the courts.

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