Africa Oil & Gas: Italy Prosecutor Seeks Jail Sentences for Eni Manager, Ex-CEO in Algeria Case

ENI Paolo-ScaroniThe Italian prosecutor Milan prosecutor Isidoro Palma requested, on Monday, for top manager and a former chief executive of oil and gas group Eni, namely; Eni’s Chief Upstream Officer Antonio Vella and former CEO Paolo Scaroni to be sentenced five years and four months and six years and four months, respectively.

In this aspect, no further details or comments have been provided by the lawyers of both Vella and Scaroni.

The case covers the period 2007 to 2010.

An Eni spokesman reiterated the company’s previous denial of any wrongdoing, adding it would be able to present its position in defence hearings in coming weeks.

Palma also asked for Eni and oil service group Saipem to be fined 900,000 euros ($1.1 million) each.

Jail sentences were also requested for some former Saipem executives.

Under Italian law, companies are responsible for the actions of their managers and can be fined if found guilty. ($1 = 0.8122 euros). Reuters.

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