Mozambique Mining: Vale 2017 coal output more than double

Moatize Coal Mine - Vale Mozambique
Moatize Coal Mine – Vale Mozambique

The amount of coal extracted by Vale from the mine it owns in Mozambique more than doubled in 2017 compared to the previous year, the Brazilian company announced on Friday.

The company produced 5.4 million tonnes of coal in 2016, a figure which rose to 11.2 million last year, according to the company’s report for the last quarter of 2017.

Production has consolidated, and the figure is in line with the successive 2017 production records at the inland Tete mine in Mozambique.

As regards marketing, Vale’s total coal sales reached 11.7 million tons in 2017, up 13.7 percent on 2016, the document adds. Source: Lusa

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